Living Systems Design™ sees a world where everyone has access to timely, affordable, safe & comfortable refuge from the elements via sustainable solutions that provide people and industries an enclosure platform in which to survive, thrive and cultivate future aspirations.

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Intelligent Enclosures

by Living Systems Design™, LLC


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The PopDome 3D Printed Building Solution is a whole systems, easy to construct, affordable and replicable enclosure system that provides safe comfortable shelter along with convenient access to renewable energy and natural resources such as self-collected potable rainwater, edible vegetation and wind and solar power generation. It includes interior walls and fixtures for an all-inclusive livability solution. The PopDome system is not only unprecedented, it is vital to addressing growing shelter, water, and food shortages on a global scale.

The PopDome's unique large scale 3D printing solution provides a highly simplified and efficient method of constructing domes in a cost effective, structurally sound and customizable way.

The Shell

The primary advantage of the PopDome's unique shell geometry is that it allows for enclosing the most volume of space with the least amount of material, time and effort. This is in part due to the inherent efficiency of its general spherical shape but also the undulating, or "wavilinear" surface of mini-domes that provide additional strength and stiffness, such that fewer and lighter materials are used in its construction. Integrated into the outer shell are various practical subsystems including wind turbines, solar panels, water cisterns and planting beds.

The 3D Printing System

3D printer technology has advanced to the point that it is feasible to produce full scale architectural structures using this technology.  In the PopDome system, a horizontal arm is attached to a central mast. The arm holds a large scale 3D printer which can travel laterally along the arm. The arm travels in a rotary motion around the circumference of the dome and climbs the mast vertically as the layers of the dome accumulate and rise. The additive nature of 3D printing means there is no material wastage in the construction of the dome.

The Complete Livability Solution

The PopDome's holistic design science solution includes many livability solutions, ranging from disaster relief (where speed of deployment and the strength necessary to provide basic physical protection from natural environmental threats are paramount) to comfortable daily living in a highly efficient device where safety and energy resource conservation subsystems improve the quality of life while helping to preserve natural resources and protect local ecosystems.


"Only integrity is going to count."

- Buckminster Fuller


The Fuller Challenge
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The PopDome Initiative has been entered in the 2015 Fuller Challenge competition. Each year, The Buckminster Fuller Institute invites scientists, students, designers, architects, activists, entrepreneurs, artists and planners from all over the world to submit their innovative solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing problems. A $100,000 prize is awarded to support the development and implementation of one outstanding strategy. For more information on the Fuller Challenge, click here.


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Fact of the Day

Details of the PopDome's exact geometric configuration is proprietary information and will be made available to the public after the formal patent has been issued.